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Vanessa is an enthusiastic young woman who is passionate about the Arts and Music Industry.

In 2021 she graduated from her Music course at Monash University and has since had various performances around Melbourne including singing in a choir with Tones and I.

In 2022 she decided to take a step back from performing and become more involved with other industry work including joining SYN Media as a Music Lead. This work has led to off and on-air radio and media work, notably interviewing US pop star, LAUV. In addition, she recently co-founded Electric Events Naarm; a music event management group supporting local artists and striving for accessibility and inclusivity. She is also involved in booking & event management with SYN and the Brunswick Artist’s Bar. She is looking forward to all future possibilities in the industry.

What is Electric Events?

We are an events management group specifically for music events based in Naarm, and we focus on emerging local artists and industry creatives. We don’t really care if you haven't had a lot of experience in the industry, we wanna help create that platform!

Who is behind EE?

We’re a really small team at the moment, there are only three of us - myself, V, Caleb Daff and Lucienne Wynne. They are both amazing artists as well so they know the ins and outs of performing, they know what it’s like and they understand how harsh this climate can be. We have a really great team who are passionate and really keen to put on a good show.

Our vision is to work with other industry creatives to put on a great show, and we have a lot of people putting up their hands to help out so though we’re small, it feels a lot bigger already and we have this community along with us, which is really great.

What's your favourite thing about live music?

Well, the reason why we decided to call the team electric events was because I feel like when I see a live show, I experience this buzz of electricity and I think no one should miss out on that - that’s my favourite thing about a live show, having that energy in the room, you know that everyone is there for the same reason, everyone is feeling the same electricity, I love that and I wanna create that with other people.

What is your favourite venue?

To put on an event or to watch a show at?

Both! Multiple answers are welcome.

My favourite venues to see shows at are probably the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, I haven't seen too many events there but there's just something about having the option of sitting, you can be more formal or you could have a full-on party at the back on the grass, so you have the best of both worlds, whereas a lot of venues, you only have one option. In saying that, I do really like The Forum, I’ve been going there a lot more this year and The Forum is really great - it feels like you’re outside when you’re not and it adds to the whole atmosphere.

As for a venue to host, that’s really hard. I feel like I’m frustrated by a lot of them, since a lot of venues in Naarm have issues - we try to focus a lot on accessibility, but that’s not always an option, so sometimes it’s just bringing to light different issues with venues and giving people a heads up. But, there are really cool venues! Workers Club is cool, The Night Cat is really cool too, there’s so many. And The Toff and Workers Club are fully accessible! Shoutout to hoem for adding accessibility info on their page! Love that.

Omg… Thank you! Check it out at

:) <3

What does the structure of a good show look like behind the scenes?

A lot of lists, a lot of organising. I’m very much an organisational queen. Everything in our Google Drive has to be in the right spot, everything has to be accounted for. It’s all just scheduling, lots of folders, lots of organising, being on schedule with the mindset that everything could go wrong.

Is that why your shows run so smoothly and seamlessly?

Hehe, yes. Having such a supportive team, that’s what makes things run smoothly - and if things don’t run smoothly, the key is to not let anyone in the audience know, we’re there to entertain them, we can stress, but the audience is gonna have a nice, chill time.

How would you like to see your company grow?

Our long term vision would be to have a venue of our own that is accessible and caters to everything that we want the company to grow into, which is, again, a platform for emerging artists. A stage you feel confident and comfortable performing on, whether you have literally only performed to your family and your friends, or if you have a larger following. That’s the dream, owning a venue.

We really wanna expand our team and have someone on deck with sound and lighting, but we’re going with the flow right now and are happy to have people who are interested.

How does one get involved?

We have a beautiful Linktree on our Instagram where you can check out our expression-of-interest form, we operate mostly on our Instagram but we do have a Facebook page. If you don’t want to necessarily express interest but you wanna hear more, you can also contact us, we’re always happy to have a phone call or a cheeky zoom and discuss everything. Don’t be afraid to approach us, we’ve had a lot of expressions-of-interest from younger people who are really keen, as well as more established artists. Whoever you are, whatever your art is and your craft is, we’re here to help!

Dream line up (local artists only)?

I don’t think I'm going to answer this question the way you want me to, only because no matter how much we grow, I really wanna make sure we stay true to being a platform for emerging artists. I almost want to not know who you are when you approach us, because I think that’s what makes it so special - allowing those people who aren’t sure what they’re doing but have such amazing talent and are genuinely passionate about what they do, I want to provide them with a platform. So, I don't have an answer because I haven't met these people yet! The dream lineup hasn’t happened, and it will happen.

Wanna know more about Electric Events? Here!

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