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Open 365 days a year, always with free entry and great accessibility, Section 8 never fails to provide the vibes.

In the colder months, the venue can get chilly, as it is a majoritively outdoor venue (with covers to protect from the elements). Because of this, smoking and vaping are allowed pretty much everywhere.

This venue provides many DJ sets, live performances, and a place to dance no matter when or why you need one. Because of the nature of the space, the sound engineers ensure that everyone is feeling the beat at all times, which can result in music seeming a little louder than some enclosed venues. Ear plugs are a must!

Section 8 is a pinnacle of underground music, and it channels the heart of the local music scene. Considering this hotspot is so popular, it’s best to plan to get there ahead of time, as capacity is limited. However, a light boogie from the queue in the laneway will not be shamed.


⭐ Free entry, non-ticketed venue ⭐ Wheelchair accessible

⭐ Plenty of wooden crates to rest on ⭐ Expect smoke in close proximity

⭐ No designated quiet space ⭐ Strobe lights may be used

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