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The Forum has a very high-ceiling inside a beautifully constructed building. Due to excellent design, sound is balanced throughout a majority of the venue, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to hear performers clearly, and if you’re right next to the speakers in the front row, your ears won’t be blown off. For general safety concerns, we still recommend bringing a pair of reusable ear plugs with you.

There are two bars located on the dancefloor level, and one on the mezzanine floor. In accordance with their RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), water is available for all patrons upon request at any bar.

The Forum is fully accessible, though something to note is that the accessible bathrooms are located elsewhere to the non-accessible bathrooms. This venue has a reputation for housing performances by well-established, international and local performers, and this large venue will never seem overly cramped, even at its capacity.


⭐ Wheelchair accessible ⭐ Quiet space available

⭐ Wheelchair viewing areas, must book in advanced ⭐ Cloakroom available

⭐ Accepts companion cards, contact ahead of show date

⭐ Seating available, but through specifically seating reserved tickets

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